“There is a reason we don’t have all-India supremely scalable agribusinesses,” said Sandeep Kumar Singh, CEO, Animal Feed Business & Godrej Maxximilk, during an exclusive discussion with Taranjeet Singh Bharma, CEO of AgNext, for the podcast series, ‘Quality food for billions’.  

“One of the big reasons is, how do you get access to quality raw material? And how can leadership, which is potentially operating from a remote location, be assured of the quality of the raw material?” explained Sandeep, during the podcast, giving his views on the challenges agribusinesses face in capturing accurate food quality data. “I think #DigitalTransparency will have a huge role to play in scaling these businesses. Agbusinesses, even the traditional ones, struggle to scale for lack of data transparency. So that’s something that I think will change dramatically, if we have more people and businesses likes yours coming in and helping us solve some of these things,” he stated, referring to the digitized food quality assessment solutions offered by AgNext.   

Check out the full podcast and listen to Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Taranjeet discuss how digitalization of food quality assessment can be a game-changer for agribusinesses in India.

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