The true food story of your kiwi: from farm to plate.

Agriculture sector is witnessing historical transformations thanks to the new-age technological intervention directly aimed at standardizing quality assessments & traceability, offering efficient market linkages and creating a fairer trade ecosystem. As many high-value, geography-specific horticultural commodities gain more attention across India, kiwi hasn’t gone unnoticed in recent times. Speaking of kiwi, how can one not mention Arunachal Pradesh, India’s leading contributor to the total kiwi production, with more than 56% share.

Despite its tremendous growth potential, India imports over 75% of its domestic demand for fresh kiwis. This is a clear signal of a huge gap and inputs of the right new-age technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, deep tech, etc. are some of the biggest tools to bridge it. 

These innovative technologies are rapidly encountering traditional problems such as low-quality yield, unfair value pricing, insufficient market linkages, and inadequate statistics on the production of kiwi. Such manually conducted supply chain processes & unorganized quality management channels not only hamper the production potential of the state but also depreciate the quality for a gamut of commodities including kiwi. 

The answer to the persisting gaps in Arunachal’s kiwi production lies in modern frontier technologies that can not only streamline kiwi trade but enable traceability of the fresh produce down to its origin. This is possible only if the emerging agri-tech players can infuse quality & transparency at every node, making way for better market linkages, organized supplier data, quality maps for business intelligence, and digital assessment solutions. 

To make this a reality,  in a first-in-India initiative, AgNext collaborated with NAFED to digitize quality assessment & enable complete traceability of Arunachal Pradesh’s organic kiwi using innovative AI. With its unique full-stack SaaS platform Qualix, AgNext is offering exhaustive data on total soluble sugar (TSS) content of kiwi, origin & traceability, and QR-coding for the end consumers to know about their true kiwi story. 

As stated by Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, Founder & CEO of AgNext, “The impact of facilitating quality-based and traceability-enabled trade for kiwis will not only improve domestic demand but also help in boosting export potential of the fruit.

The solution will not only boost quality-based trade but will also increase trust at different buyer-seller intersection points, altogether contributing to business credibility in the market. Stakeholders can trace down the fruit to its origin by simply scanning the QR on the box. The entire AI-led process is automated which significantly reduces the TAT for quality testing, logistics, and marketing of the fruit”, says Subrat Panda, Chief Technology Officer, AgNext. 

The taste and quality of Arunachal Pradesh’s organic kiwi were lauded on Twitter by both Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Kiren Rijiju, Minister of Law and Justice, Government of India.

Ensuring strict adherence to quality standards, AgNext is infusing the 3T’s- trust, transparency & traceability at every node of the food value chain, building a fairer-trade ecosystem & ensuring #qualityfoodforbillions. 


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