Tech excellence: Reducing post-harvest distress for agriculture stakeholders

Indian agriculture, in the recent past, has observed significant transformations thanks to the intervention of new-age technologies that are radically transforming the lives of all involved stakeholders in the Agri value chain. Relatively untouched in the recent past, the post-harvest value chain too, is welcoming quality-centric, tech-based solutions with open arms.

The current post-harvest supply chain witnesses massive losses owing to human-led subjective quality assessments, improper storage, inadequate standardized quality checks as well as insufficient market linkages. A consequence of it is years and years of low-quality yield, moisture losses & unfair pricing for various stakeholders. With the input of new-age technology, agribusiness & stakeholders such as farmers can now not only find better market linkages for selling their produce but also get quality-based fair price determination. 

For instance, look at the supply chain of turmeric in the traditional post-harvest system. The quality of turmeric is defined by its curcumin content that was previously assessed either manually on the field or in third-party labs that takes hours altogether per sample. This leads to unfair price determination & losses due to delays.

A better alternative to this conventional system lies in frontier technologies, specifically, the tech-trifecta of AI, IoT & ML that is capable of doing away with such subjectivity and delays, increasing trade efficiency & reducing post-farming distress for all stakeholders.

In the last 5 years, AgNext has brought in significant deep-tech-led technological interventions in the post-harvest supply chain. These have significantly boosted efficiency and profitability for all involved stakeholders. With AI-driven computerized sensors, businesses can now cut down the quality assessment time of commodities from a stretch of hours to a matter of seconds, thus making the process simpler, faster & more standardized. Furthermore, the solutions enable complete transparency of commodity-specific value chains, providing end-to-end traceability & building trust across the food supply line. 

The full-stack rapid quality management platform Qualix has been creating value for agribusinesses via:

  • Data-driven trade with real-time untampered visibility 
  • Digital transparency with on-the-spot quality assessment
  • On-ground traceability with 24/7 user access
  • Better market linkages for enhanced exposure 
  • Quality-based fair-value transaction for value-driven trade

With digital data handling, AgNext enables stakeholders to map the quality of a commodity down to its origin, ensure fair-value trade, build consumer trust and increase brand credibility in the market. 

The application of new-age innovative technologies can not only solve challenges that arise owing to traditional practices in agriculture but also give rise to a plethora of opportunities across the sector. Opening new brackets of growth for the agriculture industry, technology is, undoubtedly, the future face of agriculture: solving for quality, boosting trade & standardizing the post-harvest agriculture ecosystem.


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