Sensing Food in 30 seconds

A world's first innovation in Food Quality Assessment



Using data sciences, we have built the worlds most futuristic platform for instant, portable and accurate food assessments to undertake right financial decisions. This ecosystem has been developed on deep learning sciences and deeper understanding of business of food.


Chemical Quality

Our chemical assessment technology has been trained using AI to analyse all chemical parameters of Grains, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Spices, Milk & Animal Feed.


Physical Quality

Our physical assessment technology has been trained using AI to analyse physical parameters of commodities at fraction of a human assessment time.


Ambient Quality

We have built LORA WAN and IoT based food sensor networks which measure and predict when the food is losing its quality.

Our Innovations

Industries we serve

Grains, Oil seeds & Pulses
Beverages (Milk & Tea)
Animal Feed


Portable & Field Ready

All the devices are portable and field ready with cloud connectivity and transfer data while in sync

Instant Results

Our slogan is “Less than 30 seconds”and most of our devices are conforming to the slogan. Need improvement in few

Addressing major commodities

Liquids, Powders, Grains, Leaves,Solids. We have got them covered

Entire Results

Only platform which provides TRUE physical and chemical quality checks