It is the prevalent trade practice to surreptitiously enhance the relative weight of a green product, be it the leafy […]
For the tea industry, dominated by small growers, the introduction of AI has been on a very low keel. However, […]
Tea as a commodity has been consumed for ages but it has rarely been flavored with quality. Quality as a […]
While Technology and Tea have commonality through the first letter-T, now technology is extending its outreach in bringing a transformation […]
Times of the pandemic is an inflection point in the path of economic and social progress, COVID has been one […]
We at AgNext, organized a webinar or rather musings over the way the tea industry is evolving and it was […]
There was a popular slogan – Government at your doorstep to deliver the services. Well, taking cue from the present […]
Jyotsna Pattabiraman is a Stanford graduate who runs a food start-up in Bangalore named Growfit which specializes in innovative millet […]
The tea industry in India is nearly 180 years old now. It was in 1840 when the Assam Tea Company […]