Today is the World Food Day and on this monumental day moving away from the traditional paradigm associated with Food […]
Tea as a commodity has been consumed for ages but it has rarely been flavored with quality. Quality as a […]
At the cusp of a historical change that the civilization is going through ushered in by a tiny virus, efforts […]
Milk Adulteration
Melamine Adulteration in Milk: What if AI detects it in 30 seconds? Milk fraud is one of the most serious […]
We at AgNext, organized a webinar or rather musings over the way the tea industry is evolving and it was […]
Indian Tea industry is now more than 200 years old. With passage of time the requirements of the stakeholders in […]
Milk Testing
A rapid AI based solution to detect Milk adulteration in just 30 seconds The festive season of India officially begins […]
As a follow up of the POST COVID business environment that is developing, on the instructions of the Hon’ble Prime […]
If there is one sector that universally contributes the maximum to global agricultural gross domestic product (GDP), dairy sector would […]
Moisture is one of the key components of a food commodity that is traded, eaten or used in other formats. […]