Given the present scenario, the demand for effective and safe agricultural food production methods is on a rise. Traditional agricultural management methods are being replaced by innovative sensing and driving technologies. Improved information and communication technologies are accelerating the increase in agricultural productivity in a more accurate manner, thereby promoting the development of high-quality and high-yield agriculture products.
Similarly, food processors have begun to pay much more attention to the development of rapid and reliable food-evaluation systems. As a result, there is a great need for manufacturers and traders to operate effective real-time assessments for food quality and safety during procurement and processing.

AI-based Computer Vision Analysis
Computer vision is a field that involves making a machine “see”. This technology uses a camera and computer instead of the human eye to identify, track, assess, and measure the quality of commodities using image processing.
This AI-Based image analytics technology comprises of a non-destructive assessment approach, that has the aptitude to estimate the characteristics of food products with its advantages of fast speed, ease of use, and minimal sample preparation. With the development of computer vision, such technology now is being widely used in the field of agricultural automation and plays a key role in its development.
Specifically, computer vision systems are feasible for classifying food products into-

  • Specific grades
  • Detecting defects
  • Estimating properties such as color, shape, size, surface defects

Introducing Agnext’s SpecX Visio technology that classifies Agri commodities on its morphological characters. It has been designed considering the manual effort that goes into the physical quality assessment of produce like wheat, rice, maize, barley, coffee, paddy, etc.
SpecX Visio removes the subjectivity in commodity assessment. In mere 30 seconds, it classifies the commodities on its morphological characters with AI-powered precision. Backed by deep learning and computer vision it ensures that the results are far more reliable than the traditional methods.
SpecX Visio comes in 2 variants i.e. Basic and Advanced

  • The basic version covers 180-degree scans and is recommended for grains with thickness less than 3mm.
  • The advanced version covers a 360-degree scan and can analyze up to 16 different commodities.

Features of  SpecX Visio-

  • Incredibly Fast
  • User friendly
  • Computer Vision Technology
  • 180/360 Degree Testing
  • Comprehensive and Flexible
  • Ready to use

In the past few decades, computer vision inspection systems have become important tools in agricultural operations and their use has greatly increased. Expert and intelligent systems based on computer vision algorithms are becoming a common part of agricultural production management, and computer vision-based agricultural automation technology is increasingly used in agribusinesses to increase productivity and efficiency.
So that is to say that in the coming years’ computer vision technology will be applied increasingly to the field of agricultural automation and will steadily promote the development of the agriculture industry to an era of intelligent agriculture.
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