At the cusp of a historical change that the civilization is going through ushered in by a tiny virus, efforts are being channelised in an unprecedented manner not done hitherto, to make sustainable and safe food systems across the world. The compelling mission staring at humanity and challenging its sheer existence is being taken head-on through a multitude of interventions that technology offers.
Efforts and innovations to manage pre-harvest and post-harvest food management systems are increasing in quadratic proportions across the world as our future of food hinges on digitising and bringing efficiencies across the food value chain.
Quality food for billions
So why not start digitising food instantly and objectively. For on-spot, on-time food assessment- to digitise every inbound and outbound flow and remove human subjectivity. But to attain it one needs to move away from human intervention in any form including testing at laboratories as it leads to delays in decisions. To obviate this premise, it was our innate desire to unleash a technology that combines the power of Science of Labs and Sense of People, to provide disruption in Food Quality Assessments which are Instant, Portable, and Accurate.
The technology that we offer has a ubiquitous presence across all the nodes, right from a collection center upstream to a processing center downstream. After all, we believe in the maxim- If you aim to disrupt an industry, you must be willing to disrupt yourself. Our mission is to Sense Food in just 30 seconds through technology which would disrupt the food chain from the field all the way to the fork riding on basic principles of Science.
1. Can the chemical test be done on the field using an advanced understanding of molecular and spectral sciences, to unravel the underbelly of the food so to say?
2. Can the physical tests be done on the field using computer vision, to disclose the physical components of the food itself?
3. Can the ambient quality or the shelf life of the food- the external environment so to say be assessed by sensors?
Well our SpecX Technology, addresses all the above basic questions and has the potential to emerge as the veritable tool for the food systems of the new world. Using data sciences, we have built the world’s most futuristic platform for instant, portable, and accurate food assessments to undertake the right financial decisions. This ecosystem has been developed in deep learning sciences and a deeper understanding of the business of food.
USP of our technology lies in the fact that it is 100% portable, and delivers results in 30 seconds. It gets commercialised at a maximum of 2% play, it has 0 consumables, so the costs are low and operations are truly field-class and it can map every type of food that nature has to offer on the above three parameters.
Our chemical assessment technology built up using AI can analyse Protein, Gluten, Starch, Ash, Moisture in various grains like wheat, corn, barley, etc and key components like Curcumin in Turmeric or Pepper in Pepper, composition molecules like Fat, SNF, and Protein, contaminants like Palm Oil, Detergent and Urea in milk. This technology is critical to ensure adulteration free safe food chains.
We have built LORA WAN and IoT based food sensor networks which measure and predict when the food is losing its quality. This finds applications across storage like silos, cold stores and warehouses, and post-harvests like curing solutions of tobacco and tea. The core of SpecX technology lies in its Data sciences and we are on our way to build the world’s largest banks of food molecular signatures and visual feature segmentation algorithms of food.
This journey of building this unique platform required collecting million plus samples, understanding 1000+ parameters, working on 100+ algorithms, building integrated devices, and crunching this data to deliver on one single platform, we call Qualix, can be deployed for a particular commodity across the value chain mapping all kinds of chemical and physical quality.
It is our innate belief that the introduction of this technology would accelerate incentives at the intersection of grower and food businesses, and also create a new bond of trust between consumer and food businesses. It is our conviction that trust will accelerate demand and incentives will accelerate supply, accelerating further, the need for sustainable food systems in our future of food.
Our goal is that in 5 years from now, 5% of the world food will move through our technologies, which provide incentives to stakeholders and trust to consumers. The day we achieve our objectives, we would be proud that we have created new benchmarks for QUALITY FOOD FOR BILLIONS, and a better world to pass on, to our generation next!
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