Accelerating fair-value trade of turmeric with deep tech

AgNext in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Marketing, Government of Telangana, Spices Board of India, and ITC has deployed Qualix, an AI-based solution, to facilitate the rapid quality assessment of curcumin count in turmeric at AMC, Nizamabad. The purpose behind this deployment is to reduce the assessment time of curcumin from more than 48 hours to less than 1 minute, securing significant benefits for stakeholders, including traders, growers, and exporters.

With deep-tech interventions, AgNext is bringing on-ground rapid quality assessment solutions through artificial intelligence-based platform Qualix. Replacing the traditional assessment methods, Qualix integrates the potential of AI and machine learning, along with the sophisticated NIR Spectroscopy technology to significantly bring down the quality estimation time and provide stakeholders with an active insight into the precise curcumin composition of turmeric.

Challenging the traditional assessment methods, our tech-driven innovations pivot the post-harvest supply chain from subjective manual routines to a more standardized process with an overall assessment time of less than 60 seconds.

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra, CEO of AgNext Technologies, affirms that scaling the Qualix solution at different nodes of the supply chain is potentially the best way to inject transparency and traceability into the agriculture trading system. The response to this tech deployment in agriculture has been significantly positive and full of potential, as reported by the Spices Board Of India.

Our deep-tech innovation was acknowledged and appreciated by honorable MP Arvind Dharmapuri, who admired this tech-driven deployment as an advanced way of stimulating the fair value trade of turmeric. Qualix has received commendable reviews from the Spices Board, farmers, and traders for a quick turnaround period in testing. Not just this, but the farmers present on the deployment day, after testing their samples with Qualix, have reviewed our technology as an efficient way of yielding fair value returns.

We aim to scale our technology to 15 more AMC’s in the district, ensuring a transparent flow of quality across the supply line. Integrating the power of AI with other frontier technologies at the forefront of the agricultural revolution 4.0, we aim to scale our tech inventions at distinct verticals of the agriculture industry, thereby ensuring quality food for billions.

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